Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bailey’s Taphouse Anniversary Party: Generous!

Quite the bang for your buck! In an era where a $1 beer token usually gets you 2-4 ozs. of an “average” craft beer; Bailey’s was extremely generous, serving 4 ozs.+ of rare and vintage beers for that same single token.

Barrel aged brews seems to be the main theme; Bourbon barrels, wine barrels, oak barrel, etc.!

Here’s a run through the beer selection with some quick and dirty impressions.

* Block 15 - Super Nebula – Imperial Stout:

Yep it’s an Imperial Stout! Moderate girth in body with some dark malt complexity and above average hopping. A fairly tame RIS with some woody notes.

*The Bruery - White Oak – Wheat Wine:

One of the most interesting beers of the day! Oaky with some sweet malt and wheat notes. Very flowery nose with an almost perfume Sweet flower and fruit aromas. Medium bodied with Oak, Fruit, orange blossom and coconut nuances. Very interesting.

*Cascade Brewing - Bourbonic Plague - American Wild Ale

Surprisingly pretty well balanced with a Singular lactobacillus nuance which seems to blend well with the Porterish malt complexity. I was a little scared to try this beer, as some Cascade’s offerings have a sickly Lacto note. This was just enough lacto funk! Nuances of Blueberries, dark fruits and complex dark malts dominate with some lacto funk in the middle. Wood? OK, I guess so….

*Double Mountain - Terrible Two

Some roasty notes come through this bourbon and wood flavored brown(?) Ale. Maybe more like an Imperial Brown? Having previously sampled this beer, I can say it’s dramatically mellowed out in every aspect. Where it was very big, malty and extremely bourbon tasting; This beer now has aged and tightened up the bourbon and dried out in the malt. Now, smoother and more mature. Nice.

* Firestone Brewing - Parabola – Imperial Stout

Dense, rich, chocolaty and oaky! Very impressive body, almost milky in texture. Leaves a slick creamy note of the tongue in the finish. Rich complex chocolate malt flavors, almost fudge or butter cream chocolate cake frosting in flavor. The bourbon saturates this beer so thoroughly you’d think you’re eating a Holiday Chocolate Bourbon Ball. Exquisite sipper!

*Fish Brewing - ’04 Leviathan – Cask Barleywine (Oak)

It tastes like what it is…. A barrel aged vintage Barleywine. Mellowed and mélanges flavors that ends almost bone dry. Decent.

*Hair of the Dog - SHERRY Adam from the Wood

Apparently this brew was kegged/casked a little shy on the Cherries, so it’s more heavy on the Sherry Barrel notes. The cherries are still detectable in he background. Very smooth and well balanced with Adam’s roasty notes and dark malt marriages. The Art of balanced malt and hop flavors married with the barrel aging Sherry wood. The wood is apparent with Sherry vinous notes. Very nice.

* Oregon Trail Porter – Porter (Pinot Noir)

Typical Oregon Trail Bourbon Porter …. Was there something else? Pinot Noir Barrel? Hmmmm…. Didn’t find it.

* Rock Bottom - Maude Flanders – Sour (Pinot Noir)

Wanted to like this beer, but just couldn’t! At my home bar I have a multi-tap beer system with a big drip tray that transfers all the runoff and muck to a dump bucket under the bar. After about a few months or so, I get around to dumping that bucket! Lets just say, when I crack the lid of that dump bucket, the aroma can be quite sickly and strong. Basically, that’s what I taste and smell in this beer! It’s just totally FUNKED up! A beer science experiment gone dramatically wrong. Big Acetate nuances, Finger nail polish remover with added lacto funk and disjointed sweetness. The flavor profile is pretty much a sickly flavored lactobacillus with some Frankenstein twisted malt mutation. Majorly funky and undrinkable. Maybe it should be called Rotting Maude! ;-}

* Rogue - John John – Maibock (Whiskey)

Dry Maibock with wood, period.

* Russian River Consecration – Sour (Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel?)

Another amazing beer of the day! Defined malt base with some black currant overtones that mélange in harmony with Dark Malts. The Wild Yeast sourness and acidic is delicate, but well balanced across the entire beer. Some residual sweetness, but a nice artistic blend of Malt and sour balance. Wood is along for the ride.... Poetic!

Big Thanks to DW1 for this article.

– Wort Crew


Patrick said...


Well maybe we can pin down your time there - unless you are reviewing Parabola from your previous notes (as I'm sure you've already had it) since I know it blew at 5:15 (unfortunately I was told this by Scott, as opposed to learning of it firsthand). I heard the Consecration followed it shortly.

Have to agree with you, the Bruery Wheat Wine, to me was a stand out. My only disappointment was that I ordered it first.

I also am in lock step with you on the Fish Leviathan - to me, it was past its prime, nice but neutered.

I had the Oregon Trail, and on this beer, we have to disagree. I'm of the belief that the Good Doctor must have a new creed, along the lines of, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all...

It was bad sour. I love the earlier vintages of their Boubon BBL Porter, but the most recent offering was clearly oxidized. This beer just adds to my falling impression of Oregon Trail.

I think the Cherry Adam from the Wood's issue was with the fruit yield itself, as the manner of the cherries presented in the beer (as you noted) but in more of a counterbalance to the wood's presence.

I thought the FS Amber was a nice treat. Very slight presence of vanilla and bourbon, mixing with the caramel malt flavor of this beer. I wondered if John has reused his barrels before making this beer given the slight nature of the Amber in the first place. (A problem I had with earlier versions of the Terrible Two, by the way, great to know it matured well - just like most two year olds.)

All in all, a very nice showing of good to great beers. I just wish that I could have been there with ya, Doc.

dw1 said...


Yes, I was there between 1-3 PM.

I had both the Parabola and Consecration. Both were excellent and show the true art in brewing. Actually, CA beers held the top three beers of the day, IMHO. Parabola, Consecration and White Oak.

You noted that the Doc may be getting soft in his opinions? Read my review of Maude Flanders. ;-}

I would have to say I think it was a fun sampling of many good beers, but I think some of those beers should NEVER have flowed from a tap! Pouring some of those beers doesn't do the breweries credentials much good.


Block 15 - Super Nebula: On tap along side Parabola? It's night and day in comparison. Block 15 tastes like a lackluster effort in comparison.

Hair of the Dog - SHERRY: I think the real "Cherry Adam" deal would have a better choice. The Sherry was good, but.....

Rock Bottom - Maude Flanders: This should never have touched the public's lips! It was just that BAD.

Deschutes - Streaking the Quad: I didn't sample, but others told me it hadn't changed from the CTBB fest. It's just WAY out of line in acidity and poorly concocted. You could put Streaking the Quad and Maude Flanders together and make one hell of Rust remover and paint stripper. ;-}

I do think it was a fun little tasting!

Back to your comments....

Leviathan - Eh, depends on your preference. I like my BW's a little dried out. So, it tasted pretty good to me. Past it's prime? Yea, but not dead.

Oregon Trail - To be honest, my palate was fairly blown by the time I tasted it. This bourbon Porter isn't very bold to begin with, so it rather easily blew over my bourbon/wood saturated taste buds.

Speaking of impressions, I heard Fish brewing has changed hands. Not sure how long ago, but heard their quality has fallen.

Adam - I had to sample without thinking of Cherry... ;-}

Amber - Didn't sample.

Terrible two - My original sampling of this beer was quite dramatic! My first thought was, "What the hell are they serving me!?" It basically tasted like a big sweet dark malted mess with a shot of bourbon. Now, it's gone to the 'Dark Side;' it's rather dried out, slightly astringent with a husky taste. Somewhere in between would have been nice, I'd say this is close to the Leviathan is tasting close to 'past it's prime.'

I pretty much agree with your overall, Although, I'd say it was a nice selection from Paint Removers to Artistic Quality beers.

DA Beers said...

Good time indeed. I was fortunate enough to hear the results on a few before I ordered them, so I skipped all the bad ones.

Man, I could have sat there drinking Consecration all day if the alcohol wasn't going to catch up to me.

dr wort said...


DW3 here. I missed the Consecration. I showed up late. Had Consecration in the past in Santa Rosa at the Russian River brewery. Very nice. Also, missed Parabola, but I've had that before too. ;-}