Monday, March 30, 2009

Business Trip = Pike Monk's Uncle Triple

While on a quick business trip to Seattle I manged to acquire a glass or Pike Monk's Uncle Triple and Double Tandem!

I have to say Pike Monk's Uncle was very tasty!

A quick evaluation:

On tap at the brewery. Bright Golden Hue and hazy in color with a creamy head and moderate lace on the glass.

Aromas of Belgian Yeast (Green floral notes) and spice with hints of honey and mango fruit.

The beer has a nice "Juicy Fruit Gum" fruitiness with a tongue prickly "peppery" spice throughout the palate. Hints of honey, orange and straight forward "wet woodiness" from the Belgian Yeast.

Silky body with moderate mouth feel and nice tartness on the back of the tongue.

Finishes with a peppery hint and smack of fruit and some alcohol warmth. Alcohol is well hidden within the brew.

It's an amazingly straight forward Belgian Triple! It's not trying to be something new or different! There's no barrel fermentation of any other unnessary adjuncts or weird modifications. It's just a flat out, well done Triple!

Pike Tandem Double

Oh well.... The Triple was very good.... ;-}

This "Dubbel?" is way off the mark. I read there is some Wheat used and the grain bill sound odd for a Dubbel. Although, I'm not sure it's supposed to be a Dubbel? That said....

The beer has a small head and some lace of the glass. It's a clear and Brown in color.

The aroma is astringent and phenolic with hints of nutty roast and some caramel malts. Maybe a hint of lemon.... coriander....?

Flavor and body are of a Southern British Brown ale. Kind of nutty and a little chocolatey/roasty hint. Slight. Mostly it's kind of astringent with a thin body and some medium caramel notes. Hops are neutral and just balance the beer, but not noticable.

Finish is dry and uneventful.

It's a drinkable beer, but not very exciting. Definitely not a Belgian Dubbel in taste or profile. I could have been given a Brown ale by mistake?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Giving Back to the Community.....

The Doctor has been feeling a little guilty..... Talking down the local community has become rather tiresome. The Doctor's goal is to educate and advance the beer community into new beer, brewing and pub horizons. Recently, this blog has been fixated on "Gastro Pubs" for the never ending quest of venues with quality beer and food. The Doctor has been rather insensitive to the NW local palate and has come to the conclusion that "CHANGE" takes time. Sometimes, people need to be lead by the hand and slowly shown a new and different path of gastronomic pleasures.

DW has decided to throw out an Olive Branch and reach out to the local palate. Showing that the Doctor is not insensitive to the PEOPLE'S local cuisine, I've decided to post a recipe that should be a local favorite and will be enjoyed by local children and adults alike! It's a baby step, but we can work together a raise the bar slowly.....

Although, the Doctor has never partaken in this.....Uh.... "Interesting" local entree, he hopes this will pull at the local heart strings to find a place in their heart for Dr Wort. :-)

Courtesy of

Tater Tot Casserole with Mixed Vegetables Recipe

  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF.
  2. Brown ground beef in a heavy skillet; season to taste.
  3. Drain excess grease.
  4. Remove browned hamburger from skillet.
  5. Add onion to skillet and sauté until soft and lightly browned.
  6. In a large bowl combine ground beef, onions, soups, vegetables, and half of the bag of tater tots.
  7. Place the mixture in a prepared baking dish and cover with the other half bag of tater tots.
  8. Bake 1-1/2 hours.

Time Saving Tip: Using frozen vegetables that are packaged in microwavable bags will reduce the cooking time.

  • 2 pounds lean ground beef
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 16 ounces frozen mixed vegetables, cooked according to package directions
  • 10 3/4 ounces golden mushroom soup
  • 10 3/4 ounces cream of celery soup
  • 1 pound frozen tater tots, 1 bag divided

Now doesn't that look Neuvo Chic!?

Mmmmm Mmmm Mm!

Beer pairing: I think the immense citrus "cascade" bombardment from a local IPA should pair well with this....uh... DISH? The hoppiness should hide most flavor components of the...."hamburger and Frozen Veggies." Plus, the residual dry hop notes should sufficiently strip the grease from the tongue and roof of the mouth. I would suggest serving this ...glup.... entree.... with some kind of alcoholic beverage. This might help break down and dilute the 10,000 mg of Sodium that you'll be ingesting with every bite and help clear the arteries. (Just here to help!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Put Down that Razor!

Local Portlanders can live another day!!!!

Charlie Papazian's "Beer City, USA" poll....

Portland, OR - 1704
Ashville, NC - 1291

Portland has pulled ahead of ASHVILLE, NC!!! Hoo woo! It's like stealing candy from a baby, but at least the Portlanders can breath easier now that their fragile egos and self esteem has been lifted. :-O

In a poll that literally NO ONE gives a shit about! No major city has shown interest, with the exception Ashville, NC (population 75,000) and Portland, OR (population 575,000) are in a drag out fight for the title "Beer City, USA!"

I hear Ashville is on a successful community roll.... Being they acquired indoor plumbing last year!

I'm sure some locals will tell this story of glory to their kin folk for years to come! (Storytelling voice) "I remember when we whooped those evil bastards in Ashville, NC and won the title Beer City, USA."

The suicide rate will drop about 20% if Portland wins..... So desperate are they to win, a loss could be devastating to the local ego and lives may be taken!

So.... If you're from Portland or even from a sympathetic town or city that doesn't really give a shit... Please don't throw your votes away! You can save a Portlanders life and fragile ego!!!

(Keep voting! Ashville will run out of populous soon!)

1:00 PM

Portland 2309
Ashville 1354
Philly 694

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eastburn: Steppin' Up the Status Quo!

Eastburn is blazing new trails here in Portland. Their concept of serving a scaled up menu, beer dinners and providing some quality beers is a pub revelation! It’s time to raise the bar beyond Burgers, Grinders and Tater Tots, which sounds closer to a Grade school menu for a 9 year old. Eastburn is stepping up the status quo with some adult pub cuisine paired with an interesting selection of beers. Hallelujah!

Their philosophy is simply stated on their web site:

Good Beer and Wine deserves good food

Amen, brother!

They advertise the follow…

At the EastBurn our menu items are all made from scratch, making use of the abundant organic and natural ingredients available in the Northwest. We have an ever changing selection of16 draft beers, fresh squeezed cocktails using locally distilled spirits and a nitrogen cuvenee, allowing glass pours from 15 wine selections with bottle freshness. Local Artists’ work is displayed without commission and we host live music Wednesday through Saturday. Cheers!

Their regular menu is approachable and affordable considering the quality and innovation!

Gone from their Appetizer menu are the usually pre-made and pre-frozen Potato skins, Chicken Fingers and Jalapeno poppers. Let the Budmilloors people eat that stuff! Eastburn offers up the following:

Grilled Polenta with a Tapanade of Olives, Roasted Red Peppers and Pesto

Potato Pancakes served with Bourbon-Apple Chutney and Scallion Sour Cream

Seasonal Mushrooms, sautéed in Pinot Noir with an accompaniment of Willamette Valley Cheeses

Oregon Honey drizzled over Melted Gorgonzola Crostini with an assortment of Fresh Fruit.

… and for those who just can’t break away from the pedestrian FRENCH FRIES they offer….

Trinity Fries - A Blend of Russet and Sweet Potato Fries, topped with Fried Leek and served with a side of Tomato Aioli

Sandwiches are creative and scaled up beyond Grandpa’s grinders and Grandma’s Monti Christo! They even offer beer and wine pairing suggestions! Top notch Eastburn!

Uber Sondvich- Char-Broiled Carlton Pork Medallion, Potato Pancake, Scallion Sour Cream, Caramelized Onions and Bourbon-Apple Chutney on Grilled Ciabatta (Porter or Riesling)

Voagie- Sautéed Seasonal Mushrooms, Pesto, Red Onion, Roasted Red Peppers and Fresh Spinach with melted Cheddar and Provolone on a Hoagie Roll. (Pilsner or Sauvignon Blanc)

Locally Crafted Beer Sausage, Hanah’s Czech Sauerkraut and German Mustard on a Hoagie Roll. (Stout or Shiraz)

Marinated Portobello Mushroom Cap, Char-broiled with Roasted Red Peppers, Chevre and Spinach on Grilled Ciabatta. (Amber or Chardonnay)

Entrees are primarily stepped up standards with Fresh concepts and ingredients. Approachable and somewhat familiar, but with a modern culinary flare. The menu steps outside of the box with Entrée’s like Wild Boar and Butternut Squash/Gorgonzola Ravioli’s!

Grilled Cascade Natural Flank Steak with Apple Chutney Demi, Creamy Polenta and Moroccan Vegetables. (Pale Ale or Malbec)

Braised Wild Boar Paprikash served with a Sautée of Spaetzle and Fresh Spinach. (Porter or Cabernet)

Butternut Squash and Gorgonzola Ravioli in a Sazerac Rye and Hazelnut Cream Sauce.
(Lager or Sauvignon Blanc)

Draper Valley Chicken Breast stuffed with Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Parmesan, Rosemary and Thyme. Topped with Pesto Sauce and served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. (Red Ale or Viognier)

While there regular menu is breaking new Pub ground, their “Beer Belly” Dinners are inviting without being pretentious. Here are some example of past and future Beer Belly menus:

Full Sail Brewing w/Brewmaster John Harris
Utilizing wood from the bourbon barrels that aged Full Sail’s Imperial Stout for Smoking the Oysters, Ribs and chicken.


-Smoked Willapa Bay Oysters

-Calamari dredged in rice flour and tossed with basil
and peppadews.


-Smoked Carlton Farms Baby Back Ribs

-Smoked Draper Valley Chicken Thighs

-Grilled Weisswurst made by our friends at Sheridan.

-Bourbon bread pudding with golden raisins, hazelnuts
and crème anglaise.

Beers: Session Lager, LTD, Lupulin IPA, Pale Ale,
Amber and 2008 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

Captured By Porches Brewing Dinner w/Brewmaster Dylan Goldsmith


-Baby Red Potatoes stuffed w/Smoked Trout Mousse

-Seaweed Tartare -Panko Breaded Deep Fried Oysters


-Corned Beef

-Colcannon & balsamic glazed carrots


-Chocolate Stout Cheesecake

Beers: Kolsch, Amber, IPA, Red Rye , Black Rye

New Belgium Brewing w/Brewer Jamie Mastin - Future Dinner 4-12-09

-Sweet Ale Soup
Made with New Belgium’s Abbey Ale

-Moules et Frites Steamed Fresh Penn Cove Mussels with Frites


-Stewed rabbit with prunes and apricots using NBB’s Dark Kriek.

-Belgian meatballs braised in NBB’s Mother Ship Wit


-Chocolate Stout Cheesecake

Beers: Fat Tire Amber (Oh well!), Abbey Ale, Biere de Mars, Mothership Wit, Trippel, Dark Kriek

AS if the food isn’t a draw enough, their pub has multi-levels with some interesting arcade type games and live music. Creative Cocktails and a nice Wine list.

The Tap list is mostly NW diverse, but looking to reach a more expansive International diversity. Current offerings:

Amber Oakshire Brewing
Hopworks Urban Brewing
Gold Yeller
Cascade Brewing
Hop Head Red
Green Flash Brewing
LSD (Nitro) New Old Lompoc
Spring Reign
Mojo Risin Double IPA
Boulder Beer Co.
Dark & Dry Cider
Spire Mountain
St. James Gate Brewing
Double Mountain Brewing
Fallen Friar
Bridgeport Brewing
Pig Skin Pale Ale Beer Valley Brewing
Abbey Ale
Ommegang Brewing
Bike Town Brown
Collaborator (Widmer)
Seven Brides Brewing
High Life
Miller Brewing (Please, tell me this is a typo!)

Open daily until 2am.
Serving Lunch from 11am Tuesday through Saturday
Brunch on Sundays from 9am to 3pm.
All Items available TO GO! 503-236-2876 (BURN)
1800 East Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking for a Self-Esteem Boost?

You're not going to find it here!

There's an on going poll asking for votes for "Beer City, USA!"

These frivolous polls are nothing more than Dick Waving Kudos to see how many online losers can vote for their city, whether they have beer or not....

Do you have good beer in your city? If so, be thankful. If ya don't, go somewhere that does and visit. Period.

Plenty of false Dick Waving going on in the local Northwest Blogs in favor of Portland being the "Beer City, USA" Locals already give themselves that honor.... over and over and over again!

"The most Breweries within a single city!" Yay!!! Lets run it up the flag pole!! Throw babies up in the air and run around naked wearing only Hop vines!!

Are ya done yet?

Who held the old ranking of Beer City, USA? I'm pretty sure it was Milwaukee, WI. What did they have? Miller, Pabst, Blatz, and Schlitz. Holy crap! Really! Well, I can honestly say, Portland has a far better selection than that..... but so do a lot of other cities.....

Is it about quality, quantity, diversity or all of these? I don't really care!

Speaking of Pabst! As for the Portland's PBR anti-establishment melon head beer drinkers. They may be interested in the following slice of life.

according to Associated Content

Today, Pabst is owned by a charitable trust and operates as a phantom brewery. In other words, the company owns the rights to its beers, but it no longer brews those beers itself, instead preferring to contract with other companies for production. Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, and Colt 45 are still available, but they are brewed by proxy. Ironically, one of the companies to which Pabst contracts the brewing of its brands is none other than Milwaukee’s own Miller Brewing Company.

But... Didn't that say it's owned by a Charitable Trust? The Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation. Info on that Trust can be found a Milwaukee World web site. Here' part of that article:

The Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation is a scam, carrying S&P stock on its books at pennies – or less – on the dollar. The Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation, the charity in question, donated only $108,000 to charities last year, rather than the $20 million that would have been expected had it honestly stated its assets.

The foundation, named after Lydia and Paul Kalmanovitz, the former owners of Pabst, received 100 per cent of the shares of S&P Corporation in July 2000. The estate claimed a $387.7 million tax deduction for transferring its assets, including Pabst and real estate, to the foundation.

However, the foundation trustees valued the shares they received at only $2 million. That is a $385.7 million discrepancy.

Hey, Hipsters? Nice move in choosing PBR! Amazing what you can find out when you put in a personal effort! What are you going to drink now? Maybe, Bartles and James are still make Wine Coolers! Ooops! Sorry! I'm sure that's disgusting enough, but still to expensive.... :-O

Get a REAL cause and purpose!

Back to Beer City, USA!

Local Beer and Brewing pride? Sure, fine, whatever.... It's not like your neighbor just found the cure for the dreaded Beer Belly or an sure fired All-Beer diet! There are plenty of cities that have great beer and a great beer selection. Why try and single out just one?

Who makes the best Pilsner? Pilsen or Prague?

Who makes the best British IPA? London or Manchester?

Who makes the best American IPA? Locals here would say the Northwest, but the last GABF's winners would say different.

Who frickin cares! Are people really that insecure that they must glob onto even a small bullshit kudo? I guess Portland needs to have SOMETHING to put them on par with their financial and socially successful West Coast "Big City" Brethren? Some are tired of being a Train Stop along the way to a final destination, but have trouble finding an identity. I guess it's hard being the Red Headed step child, but it takes more a couple gallons of Orange Primer on the Golden Gate Bridge to make a great city. ;-}

Local pride is a good community booster, but not when it's obnoxiously rammed down everybodies throat in spite of it's other short comings. Maybe Portland and Milwaukee, WI have more in common than we think. No wait, Milwaukee has more than one professional sports team... ;-}

So.... what does it all really matter? Everybody relax.... Keeping drinking, brewing and be happy with what you have or become a politician.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mutineer Interviews the Doctor!

As a follow up to the Doctors' appearance in Mutineer, he was interviewed for the Mutineer's Home Web Site. The Doctor didn't pull any punches and the interview was printed in full....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Drinking with Three Irish Lads

Tis’ the season to be Green…. On St Patrick’s Day everybody is Irish!

Tis’ the time for Irish Stouts!

Time to celebrate with an Irish original. The Irish Stouts have a primary descriptor… they are "DRY" Stouts. This means they finish dry and rather clean. Dry Stouts are not excessively alcoholic beverages, ranging from 4-5% A. For some odd reason Irish Stouts and other Dark Beers have the stigma of being highly alcoholic… Why? I have no idea….

They're opaque black to dense brown in Color. The head is moussey and dark in color.

The Irish Dry Stout has aromas of Coffee, roasted malts and chocolate malt notes. Some, like Guinness have a slight winey (vinous) sour notes. Hop aromas are little to none, but are used mainly to balance the brew.

The flavors are of roasted malt and chocolate malts, some can have a light to moderate acidic vinous note. Hops are pronounced as bitterness, but not really identifiable. Roasted malts can be very identifiable or muted within the malt landscape. All Stouts have some degree of chocolate, whether that is a Dark, Semi-sweet, Cocoa or even malted milk type chocolate character in the palate and lasting into the finish. Little to no fruitiness with creamy smooth mouth feel, that ends Dry in the finish.

According to the BJCP

History: The style evolved from attempts to capitalize on the success of London porters, but originally reflected a fuller, creamier, more “stout” body and strength. When a brewery offered a stout and a porter, the stout was always the stronger beer (it was originally called a “Stout Porter”). Modern versions are brewed from a lower OG and no longer reflect a higher strength than porters.

Comments: This is the draught version of what is otherwise known as Irish stout or Irish dry stout. Bottled versions are typically brewed from a significantly higher OG and may be designated as foreign extra stouts (if sufficiently strong). While most commercial versions rely primarily on roasted barley as the dark grain, others use chocolate malt, black malt or combinations of the three. The level of bitterness is somewhat variable, as is the roasted character and the dryness of the finish; allow for interpretation by brewers.

I’ve noted a major difference with the Bottled version of Guinness Extra Stout vs. the wacky widget cans and bottles. The Bottled version has much more pronounced flavors components of winey acidity and sharp Roast and Coffee notes, while the Nitrous Widget versions seem to be much smoother in flavor profile and rounder in malt characteristics.

Today, we have three classic “Irish” Stouts from Ireland. That said, business and buyouts abound in the British Isles and Guinness is the only British/Irish owned brewery of the classic three: Guinness, Beamish and Murphy’s.

I took the time to do a side by side tasting of the three classics! I highly recommend this little tasting for your own enjoyment!

Beamish Stout

Per Wikipedia:

The Beamish and Crawford brewery was founded in Cork, Ireland in 1792 by William Beamish and William Crawford. They purchased an existing brewery on a site in Cramer's lane that had been used for brewing since at least 1650 (and possibly as early as 1500). The brewery is still situated in the heart of Cork's medieval city, close to the site of the city's South Gate.

"The business of Beamish & Crawford in Cork is a very old one dating as far back as the seventeenth century and it is said to be the most ancient porter brewery in Ireland".

Beamish is now owned by Heineken International, which just closed (or soon to close) the original Beamish Brewery in Cork. Buy it now! Who knows what it’ll taste like in a year!

Beamish tasting notes:

Poured from its American NO2 widget can it forms the amusing cascade affect in the pint glass. I hope everyone is amused! I think we lose a little flavor component in this canning process in lieu of some cheap entertainment! The appearance is a little lighter in color than it’s other two brethren with a nice creamy head. The beer is more of a garnet color when looked through the light.

Aroma has some chocolate with some chocolate malted milk aromas. A little roast.

The flavor is of dark roasted malt, which seems to share a gritty nuttiness. Almost a sweetish mocha flavor. Hops are just balanced. The malt is rather complex with combination of chocolate, caramel and roasted notes.

The body is dense with a slight puckering note within the creaminess.

Finish… Dry.

Murphy’s Stout

Per Wikipedia

Murphy's Brewery was a brewery founded in Cork, Republic of Ireland in 1856. It was known as Lady's Well Brewery until it was purchased by Heineken International in 1983, when the name changed to Murphy Brewery Ireland Ltd. The name of the brewery was recently changed to Heineken Brewery Ireland, Ltd. The brewery produces Heineken, Murphy's stout and other Heineken products for the Irish market.

Well… Now we have the two classic Irish Stouts being brewed by Heineken… Beamish and Murphy’s! Will the flavor profiles stay the same? We’ll have to wait and see.

Murphy’s tasting notes:

Poured from another NO2 Widget can! I remember acquired both Murphy’s and Beamish in bottles years ago, but can’t make a fair comparison do to the time that has passed in-between.

The beer pours slightly darker and denser in color than Beamish and is opaque. Like the Beamish, this beer has a nice brown creamy head. Maybe a little moussier.

The aroma is quite different. More of a Carastan crystal malt character intermixed with some malted milk chocolate and hints of dark chocolate. The roast is more smoothed into the aroma blend.

The flavor is rather minerally with more of that malted milk chocolate. Hints of a smoothed out mocha roast/chocolate. Hops linger a little at the end.

The body is very creamy, almost slick and oily, but not quite.

The beer finishes rather quickly with hint of spicy hop on the palate and slick coating on the tongue.


Per Wikipedia

Arthur Guinness started brewing ales initially in Leixlip, then at the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland from 1759. He signed (up to) a 9,000-year lease at £45 per annum for the unused brewery. Ten years later on 19 May 1769 Guinness exported his ale for the first time, when six and a half barrels were shipped to England.

Although sometimes believed to have originated the stout style of beer, the first use of the word stout in relation to beer was in a letter in the Egerton Manuscript dated 1677, almost 50 years before Arthur Guinness was born. Arthur Guinness started selling the dark beer porter in 1778. The first Guinness beers to use the term were Single Stout and Double Stout in the 1840s.

Today the Diageo Company owns Guinness, they are a huge corporation that owns many businesses throughout the world. The Guinness merger was formed in 1997 between Guinness and Grand Metropolitan.

A little interesting tidbit…Per Wikipedia

In 2002, Diageo sold the Burger King fast food restaurant chain to a consortium led by the US firm Texas Pacific for $1.5 billion. Diageo also owned Pillsbury until 2000 when it was sold to General Mills.

This just gives you an idea of how many different business are owned by this huge Corp!

Guinness tasting:

I had the luxury of sampling this from a regular bottle with no widget!

The beer pours jet back. It actually has a deep ruby hue if held up to the light. The head is dark brown and the beer drinks with a continuous lacing that is NOT caused by the NO2 widget.

The aroma is MUCH different than the Widget version! The Bottle version has a distinct winey aciditic smell and the darker malts & roast are very prominent! A definite coffee and charcoal note comes through with a sharp acidic note.

The flavor is rather rich of dark chocolate, roasted coffee grounds and that winey acidity. There is a definite hop spice that comes through beyond the point of balance.

The body is full with a sharp heaviness in the mouth, more like holding a mouthful of red wine rather than beer; you can feel the girth and sharp roast in your mouth. In comparison to the widget, there is no comparison. The Widget beer has more rounded flavors and a more creamy mouth feel. The bottle version is exceptional in taste, feel and aroma.

The finish is slightly sweet and then just dries out to a spicy Hoppiness on the back of the tongue.

I know the question, but is there an answer? Is there an answer to which is best or better?

NO… They are all classics of the style but with different nuances. If you are to push my opinion for my personal favorite. Hands down, the Guinness in the regular bottle.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wort's Friday Funnies

Dr Wort talks with Elmer Fudd

After days of searching local retirement homes, I managed to procure an indepth interview with a NW icon, Elmer Fudd. Elmer has retired to the ACME retirement home. He's retired from hunting in the Northwest and has settled into retirment and enjoying some great NW beers. I thought it would fun to catch up with ol' Elmer....

DW: It’s nice to see ya Elmer. What have you been doing during your retirement?

EF: Well…. Pwurdy much dwinking beer and wemembering and wemincing on my old hunting days!

DW: So you’ve become a beer fan during your retirement?

EF: Oh, yes…. I wuv all the Northwest beers! Are you cwazy? They’re gweat!

DW: Do you have a favorite NW beer Elmer?

ED: Oh….. I don’t have a pweference! As long as I can get wecked it tastes pwetty good to me. I weally like to the hoppy ones, they’re weally gweat! The smell weminds me of hunting that swewy wabbit! The Fwesh air and the sweet smell of nature.

DW: Sounds like you really like beer. Do you have a prefered dwinking, I mean "drinking" spot?

EF: The local Stwip joints! Yea, I’m kind of getting old, so you know my wifle does shoot to stwaight anymore! I like to watch. I like to watch dem slide up and down those bwass poles… I weally like the girls with the bwuises on there ass…… I like em a little wuffed up! HUh-u-u-u-u-u-ua!

DW: Yea....Do you drink any other types of beer Elmer?

EF: I used to like Widmer Hefeweizen….. primary because I could pronounce it! You know I have dis speak impediment?

DW: Do you still drink Windmer Hefeweizen?

EF: My heavens, No! I could’nt stand that fwickin Lemon! What was I supposed to do wit the fwickin lemon? It’s not a fwickin glass of Ice tea! It didn’t weally matter, the beer didn’t have much taste anyway….

DW: OK. So if you were on a desert cartoon island, what beer would you like to have and who would you like to share it with?

EF: Wow! No one has ever asked me such a stupid question, Dr Wort…. But, I guess I can answer that.. HUh-u-u—u-u-u! Wait, is this Candid Camwa??? Where’s Alan Funt? He’s a hip bald guy just wike me!

DW: Uh…. Elmer? Alan Funt died in 1999.

EF: He did?

DW: Uh… yea.

EF: That’s a shame…. Do you know Mel Blanc? How’s he doing?

DW: Um…… Aaaaaaa…. Can we stick to beer? I really can’t deviate too far off the basic subject…

Ef: Uh….. OK…..What were you asking me?

DW: The desert island thing?

EF; Oh Yea! Is this for your school newspaper, sonny?

DW: No, it’s for my blog.

EF: Oh! I know what blogs are, we have computers here at the ACME wetirement home. Yosemite Sam is usually looking at porn on the computer… You know, he don’t fire too straight either! HUh-u—u-u-u-u….

DW: Elmer?! You answer!

EF; Ok, OK…! Oh, you make me so mad! It’s a fwickin desert island! I just want to suwvive! I don’t fwickin care about beer on desert island! But make you happy…..! I would want some suntan lotion for my big bulbous head, some cases of Hair of the Dog Fwed and Bug Bunny dressed in that tight skirt and sweater outfit. Boy, can he wear that well…. I’m telling you! I like that little fuzzy tail, those big feet, those loppy ears and that soft gway fur… Hoo boy! He is one sexy piece of hare! I’m going git that swewy wabbit one day.... Huh-u--u-u-u-u....

DW: Uhhhh, I think we got what we need…. Uh, Thanks Elmer! Uh, no…..I don’t need to shake your hand.

Th-th-that's all folks!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Homebrew Chef creates Tropical Beer Cocktail

Sean Paxton (the Homebrew Chef) whips up a beer cocktail! Proving that Beer isn't just for Breakfast or to be drank out of the can.... How gauche!!! ;-)

Once again, Sean elevates our beloved malted beverage into an even hipper sipper!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dr. Wort Jumps the Corporate Shark?

It's a funny thing! I guess people are used to the doctor down-playing and scrutinizing everything? I received some emails stating, 'Has the Doc jumped the shark, supporting these Gastropubs and foodies?" I just call em, as I see em! I know what I like and don't like....

I kind of live by Anthony Bourdain's philosophy! He'd gladly go corporate! He just needs something worth selling without selling his soul.' ;-}

I don't believe in glorifying the mediocre........

In response to a brother NW blogger who stated, "Not all good food is upscale, D Wort." I responded, "Your right... Velveeta and chicken strips kick ass! Don't forget the local "ADULT" favorite.... Mac-n-Cheese!" Basically, a 4th grade palate..... ;-} Portland is NOT a little township anymore, it's a major metropolitan area that is ready to "Grow up" and meet the quality of the rest of the Pacific Coast gastronomy for beer and food venues!

Oh, so true! Food feeds an audience! If that audience doesn't have the palate for quality cuisine, you really can't twist many arms.... Not to slight the Portland's palate, which does have a wonderful sense of quality cuisine. Maybe the local beer imbibers just have a lower bar for their food quality, which is not their fault, if they are not exposed to quality foods beyond Mac-n-cheese and tater tots... ;-}

I need to make an addition to my gastropub selection! I made an oversight which Jesse noticed.... Monks Kettle in San Francisco!

Monks Kettle is a Mission District Gastropub with a huge beer selection and a wonderful foodie menu! I have yet to enjoy this venue, but the menu and recommendations are superb.

Here's a taste:

Artisan cheese plate with candied pecans, Marshall’s Farm organic honey, balsamic reduction, fresh Bosc pear, Metropolis bigio loaf

Charcuterie Plate with house-cured magret duck prosciutto, house-made sausage, Hobbs salami, artisan prosciutto, cornichons, stone ground mustard, cherry tomatoes and Metropolis bigio loaf

Black bean cakes with roasted corn salsa and chipotle creme fraiche

Fresh Asparagus fire grilled, drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette and topped with
thinly sliced prosciutto and shaved ricotta salata

House-ground ‘Premium Gold Natural’ Lamb Burger with lettuce, organic tomatoes, fresh red onions and a cucumber mint tzatziki sauce on a Metropolis sesame bun

Fire grilled fresh Loch Duart Salmon prepared medium rare, olive tapenade aioli, fried shallots
and organic baby arugula served on a toasted Metropolis Italian baguette

‘Premium Gold Natual Angus’ Flank Steak grilled to order and served on a Metropolis Italian baguette with blue cheese aioli and organic baby arugula

‘Coleman Natural Hampshire’ Cider Brined Pork Chop with cheddar scallion potato cake, caramelized brussel sprouts, house-cured maple smoked bacon, and stone-ground mustard cream sauce

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gastropubs or Grub at a pub?

Recently, a local East-Coast transplant buddy inquired where he should go for decent Food and Beer here in the Portland Metro area. I thought, “Hell! That should be easy!” Any local Gastropub should do! Easier said, than found! As I searched my memory banks, I could only give him one answer…. Victory Bar. He had been to Victory before, so he asked for some other suggestions. I came up blank, so I decided to do some Internet trolling for local Gastropubs, the results were very frustrating.

Victory Bar's partial menu:

Victory's choice cheese plate (from "Steve's Cheese")
Cured MEAT plate & house pate with house pickles
Cured meat & cheese plate
Pickled Anchovies in mustard with crusty bread
Sauvie Island green salad with radish, mustard, and pickled red onions
Roasted parsnip soup garnished with apple and tasso ham
Hushpuppies with jalapenos+Grafton cheddar w/ house ketchup
Baked Spaetzle with Gruyere cheese and crispy shallots
Belgian Style Mussels with fennel, citrus and ale
Lamb sausage + heirloom bean ragu
Venison Burger,crispy leeks, worcestershire aioli (add rogue smoked blue +1)
Pot de creme w/ green Chartreuse
Chimney Sweep: our vanilla ice cream soaking in Islay single malt scotch

Lets’ start with a definition:

From Wikipedia

A gastropub (or gastro pub) is a British term for a public house which specializes in high-quality food a step above the more basic "pub grub." The name is a combination of pub and gastronomy and was coined in 1991 when David Eyre and Mike Belben opened a pub called The Eagle in Clerkenwell, London

The concept "helped create a truly British culinary scene" and "arose from a conscious effort to promote great food in well-loved places." Gastropubs have been described as the Anglo-equivalent of the French brasserie or the Japanese izakaya

OK… So, a gastropub should serve something beyond the basic burger, pizza, Basic English Pub grub and the lot. A Gastropub should have a combination of quality Beer served with innovative food selections. Gourmet? Well… at least a big quality step above and beyond the basic pub menu.

Concentrating on primarily finding a decent beer and food Gastropub, I surfed through dozens of local Portland Pubs, Breweries and Brew pubs. Aren't we supposed to be the cutting edge of American Brewing and new gastronomic cusines? What I found was quite forboding! Even the so-called upscale Pubs are basically serving the Same ol’- same ol’ basic pub grub….. different names and some different catch ingredients, but basically extremely repitious menus that drone on with Burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizza and other tedious antiquated pub food! Adding a slice of Tillamook Cheddar isn't gourmet, nor a ring of pineapple or a squirt of commerical Teriyaki sauce..... and caramel onions aren't really gourmet! ;-}

It became a small quest, but my results for quality food and quality beer became rather fruitless. Of course, if you find a place worthy send me an email!

I came upon the upscaled North 45 pub with their overprices quality beer list and was appauled by the menu. Sliders, Chicken wings, Calamari, Mac and cheese, Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches….. PLEASE! This could be any pub in Portland! The only saving grace was a selection of Mussels available with like eight different sauces. Eh! OK, but that’s it???

According to, I found a new “GASTROPUB” in the Alberta area; The Red Fox. No beverage listings..... but the menu!! OMFG! Toting a Cajun/Creole theme, the menu has “Deviled Eggs,” “Twice Baked Potato,” “Brushetta,” “Cheese Fries,” “Burger” and “Hot Dog?” Wha??? Is it a day at county fair in 1972??? This is about as original as KFC!

I could list menus, pubs, breweries and the lot, but this article would become very boring very fast…. And so are all the gastronomic choices when it comes to quality Beer and Food establishments!

I decided to email my buddy, the well traveled Dr Analhair Johnson to ask him about his choices for Gastropubs in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. After receiving his list, I did my own research and decided to post some my findings. Maybe this will help inspire and define gastropub food for our local establishments.


Here we can find some gastronomic diversity at:

Palace Kitchen

A Tom Douglas restaurant. I can't find a beer menu!


* deep bay oysters, raw on the half shell meyer lemon granita 3 each
* duck liver flan currants and rye baguette
* palace olive poppers with herbed sour cream
* wood grilled chicken wings coriander cream
* "plin" a piedmontese style ravioli filled with roast pork and chard
* oregon albacore tuna & harissa pate pickled cauliflower and fried bread
* penn cove mussels roasted in the fire coconut milk, satsuma orange, and mint
* hood canal hedgehog mushroom pan roast with black chickpeas and caperberries
* goat cheese and lavender fondue grilled bread and apples
* pan fried minterbrook oysters garlicky aioli and green tomato chow chow
* olympic penninsula steelhead caviar in little new potatoes with potato cream
* grilled whole oregon sardine lemon and sea salt

Collins Pub

Downtown in Pioneer Square, this pub has some nice beers and definitley upscale pub menu.

House Smoked Salmon Plate
Artichoke Crab Dip
Welsh Rarebit

Chicken Cordon Bleu /Pan seared airline chicken breast, leeks, prosciutto and a Jarlsberg cheese sauce. Served with mushroom savory bread pudding and greens.

Gnocchi & Meat Ragout /Slow cooked with fennel & oregano in a rich tomato sauce, finished with cream and served with house made gnocchi.

Salumi baguette sandwich/ Salumi, tapenade, balsamic syrup, olive oil, caramelized onions and fontina cheese. Served with mixed greens and house made lemon cucumber pickles.

Duck Shepherd’s Pie/Pulled duck in a rich veal demi served with a crust of parsnips, potatoes and celery root. Served with greens and crusty bread.

See online menu

Tap House Grill

160 Beers and a diverse menu... Sushi and Beer? OK!

manila clams/steamed in lemongrass-sake broth
Caribbean Jerk Wings/spicy dipping sauce and crisp plantains
coconut shrimp sticks with mango dipping sauce
Tandoori Chicken Satays with spicy lentils and fennel salad
Volcano Goat Cheese in spicy red sauce with crisp toasts
Dungeness Crab Cakes fresh spinach and creole sauce
House-made Hummus with toasted pine nuts, olive tapenade, broiled tomato salad
and flatbread

Eh! Other stuff on the menu sounds better...

Elysian Brewing Company

I like Elysian Beers and have enjoyed their "STEP UP" Pub Menu.

Roasted Mushroom Reuben Shiitake, portobello and button mushrooms roasted with fresh thyme and rosemary, Caraway-Pilsner sauerkraut, spinach, Gruyere and 1000 Island on toasted rye. Served with fries.

Turkey Panini Roasted turkey breast, tomato, havarti and dijon mustard on foccacia. Served with salad.

Ham and Gruyere Panini Black Forest ham, gruyere, red onions and dijon aioli on focaccia. Served with salad.

Mahi Mahi Tacos Mahi mahi fillet, cabbage and chili-lime cream sauce wrapped in grilled flour tortillas. Served with pico de gallo, sour cream, fresh cilantro and peanut arbol chili sauce

Pork Tacos Shredded pork, spicy tomatillo sauce and pepperjack wrapped in grilled flour tortillas. Served with pico de gallo, sour cream, fresh cilantro and peanut arbol chili sauce.

Steak Tacos Grilled, ancho-marinated flank steak with onions, jalapenos and fresh cilantro on corn tortillas with salsa verde. Served with shredded cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, jicama slaw and pickled jalapeno.

Brouwers Cafe

Great Beer selection with a European Pub fair

San Francisco!

La Trappe Café

Many Belgian beers and other selections..... In North Beach, not far from the SF Rouge Pub but still worlds away!

Mussels served in a dark beer sauce
Moules in Lemon Saron & Gueze /Served with grilled artisan bread
Shrimp Wrapped in Panchetta
Smoked Trout & Endive salad cups
Pate or Speck (smoked prociutto)
Harvest Salad with Roquefort toast
Mixed greens topped with tart green apples, walnuts, shallots and belgian endive served with crunchy Roquefort toast

Grilled Pork Chop/ Grilled double cut Pork Chop served with an Lindimans Pomme beer reduction and paired with brusselsprouts, corn & bacon

Rabbit Stew/Braised Rabbit sauteed in a Gulden Draak prune & bacon sauce served over parsley potatoes and vegetables.

Chicken Waterzooi - Ghent Style/Traditional Belgian Chicken Stew nished with a light cream sauce and fresh herbs.

Moules Frittes (Mussels & Belgian Fries)/Your choice served three ways:

  • Mariniere - Wittekerke white beer sauce reduction with lemon, shallots, and fresh herbs
  • Provencal - White wine and garlic tomato sauce with parsley and Ricard pastis
  • Coconut Curry on Jasmine Rice - Jalapeños, lemon grass, cilantro and fresh lime juice


A Family owned German restaurant with a nice 22+German beer selection and food. Does Gustav’s come close? I’ve been to both and the answer would be an EASY NO!

Kartoffelsuppe (Potato Soup)
Linsensuppe (Lentil Soup)

Maultaschen in Pilzrahmsoße
(German Ravioli filled with Pork and Vegetables served with Mushroom Sauce)

Hering nach Hausfrauenart mit Schmand, Zwiebeln, Gurken und Kartoffeln
(Pickled Herring with Sour Cream, Onions, Pickles and Potatoes)

Semmelknödel mit Pilzrahmsoße
(Bread Dumpling with Mushroom Sauce)

Vesperplatte mit Schinken, Blutwurst, Kabanossi, Bulette, Salami und Käse
(Appetizer Plate with Ham, Blood Sausage, Kabanossi, Meatball, Salami and Cheese)

Käsespätzle mit Zwiebel-Buttersoße und gemischtem Salat
(Cheese Spätzle in Onion Butter Sauce served with a small Mixed Salad)

Jägerschnitzel in Champignonsoße mit Spätzle und grünem Salat
(Sauteed Porkloin in Mushroom Sauce served with Spätzle and Green Salad)

Sauerbraten mit Preiselbeerkonfitüre, serviert mit Rotkohl und Spätzle
(Marinated and Braised Beef with Cranberries served with Red Cabbage and Spätzle)

Gebratene Rehmedaillions in Rotwein-Pflaumensoße mit Rotkohl und Spätzle
(Sauteed Venison Medallions in Red Wine Plum Sauce with Red Cabbage and Spätzle)

Kassler vom Grill mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelbrei
(Grilled Cured Pork Chop with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes)

Linseneintopf, süß-sauer, mit Gemüse und Bauernwurst
(Lentil Stew, sweet and sour, with Vegetables and Farmers Bratwurst)

Gebratene Forelle in Zitronen Buttersoße mit Kartoffeln und Spinat $15.50
(Sauteed Trout in Lemon Butter Sauce with Bouillon Potatoes and Spinach)

See entire menu on website

Magnolia’s Brewpub

A haight/Ashbury brewpub with wonderful beers and nice new menu that includes:

Scotch Quail Eggs
Chareutier Plate
Berkshire Pork Cracklings
Duck Wings
Rabbit Pate
Artisan Cheese plate with some amazing cheeses!

..and this little tid bit for noching…

goat cheese-stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon

See entire menu


Also in the Haight with nice Beer selection and some tasty menu selections

Kabocha Squash Tempura
Kobe Beef Tongue Sliders (Now that’s a different slider!)
Bone Marrow
Blue Prawns
Pickled Quail Aeggs
Togarashi Popcorn
Goat Cheese Croquettes with Romesco
Sweet and Sour Wild Boar Jerky
Brandy NApolian

See entire menu

I know someone will ask about prices! I'll go with an old addage,
'If ya have to ask, you either can't afford it or don't want it!'

Email the Doc if you have a good Food/Beer Pub to report!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Friar has done more than Fall from Grace!

I've recently performed a mini-evaluation session with some of my interns. While we have yet to put all our notes together, we all seem to quickly agree on this evaluation of Bridgeport's Fallen Frair.

Brideport's Fallen Friar

Probably the best in their Big Beer Series, but that’s not saying much…. The Ravin Mad , Stumptown Tart and Hop Czar having been rather disappointing, some to the point of painful.

Fallen Friar pours deep straw yellow with little head retention, low carbonation and little lace.

Aroma is sweet malt and syrupy with banana aromas, some clove and maybe coriander? No Belgian yeast aroma in the nose. The aromas noted could be from a Belgian yeast, but seem far more similar to a German Weihenstephan Weizen yeast. Germany? Belgium? Two different countries! Aromas are all out of profile and cloyingly syrupy smelling.

Flavor is sweet base malts (Barely and Wheat?) with a singular complexity, meaning it’s not very complex in flavor. This is mostly due to the lack of Belgian character from the yeast. Wheat is NOT normally used in a Tripel. There is an eyedropper amount of Belgian phenolic yeast character. For the most part, this is more like a high gravity German Weizen with an off balanced hop addition. There are hops! The hops are very spicy and found mid way through the flavor profile… no where else. Meaning the hopping is off balance. A slight wood note is there, but seems out of place as well. The alcohol seems well masked within the malt sweetness.

Mouthfeel is more viscous than a typical Tripel. Maybe a little under attenuated with a worty cling to the tongue.

Finish is sweet, almost cloying, but manages to balance itself out a bit. Malt flavor devour the mouth, lasting much too long with an out of place cloying sweetness.

Overall it's not really a recognizable Tripel. Flavors are cloying and all over the board with little to no finesse. Flavor profiles are to off base. No citrus, herbal, floral, aromas or peppery phenols are found. Lacks balance, finesse and delicate nuances. It’s an OK attempt at Belgian “X” beer. Evaluating this beer as just a Belgian ale would be a little more beneficial....just a little.

While trolling other blogs in reference to Fallen Frair there appears to be some confusion of Belgian styles, which can be understandable! It's been said that Belgium alone probably has about 140+ different beer flavor profiles, most are not defined! That said, some ARE defined! This beer is stated to be a Tripel, not Strong Belgian Golden ale; i.e., Not a Duvel or Lucifer. Both are NOT Tripels.

The excepted profile for a Tripel according to the BJCP and others:

18C. Belgian Tripel

Aroma: Complex with moderate to significant spiciness, moderate fruity esters and low alcohol and hop aromas. Generous spicy, peppery, sometimes clove-like phenols. Esters are often reminiscent of citrus fruits such as oranges, but may sometimes have a slight banana character. A low yet distinctive spicy, floral, sometimes perfumy hop character is usually found. Alcohols are soft, spicy and low in intensity. No hot alcohol or solventy aromas. The malt character is light. No diacetyl.

Appearance: Deep yellow to deep gold in color. Good clarity. Effervescent. Long-lasting, creamy, rocky, white head resulting in characteristic “Belgian lace” on the glass as it fades.

Flavor: Marriage of spicy, fruity and alcohol flavors supported by a soft malt character. Low to moderate phenols are peppery in character. Esters are reminiscent of citrus fruit such as orange or sometimes lemon. A low to moderate spicy hop character is usually found. Alcohols are soft, spicy, often a bit sweet and low in intensity. Bitterness is typically medium to high from a combination of hop bitterness and yeast-produced phenolics. Substantial carbonation and bitterness lends a dry finish with a moderately bitter aftertaste. No diacetyl.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium body, although lighter than the substantial gravity would suggest (thanks to sugar and high carbonation). High alcohol content adds a pleasant creaminess but little to no obvious warming sensation. No hot alcohol or solventy character. Always effervescent. Never astringent.

Overall Impression: Strongly resembles a Strong Golden Ale but slightly darker and somewhat fuller-bodied. Usually has a more rounded malt flavor but should not be sweet.

Comments: High in alcohol but does not taste strongly of alcohol. The best examples are sneaky, not obvious. High carbonation and attenuation helps to bring out the many flavors and to increase the perception of a dry finish. Most Trappist versions have at least 30 IBUs and are very dry. Traditionally bottle-conditioned (“refermented in the bottle”).

Ingredients: The light color and relatively light body for a beer of this strength are the result of using Pilsner malt and up to 20% white sugar. Noble hops or Styrian Goldings are commonly used. Belgian yeast strains are used – those that produce fruity esters, spicy phenolics and higher alcohols – often aided by slightly warmer fermentation temperatures. Spice additions are generally not traditional, and if used, should not be recognizable as such. Fairly soft water.

Commercial Examples: Westmalle Tripel, La Rulles Tripel, St. Bernardus Tripel, Chimay Cinq Cents (White), Watou Tripel, Val-Dieu Triple, Affligem Tripel, Grimbergen Tripel, La Trappe Tripel, Witkap Pater Tripel, St. Feuillien Tripel, Bink Tripel, Tripel Karmeliet, New Belgium Trippel, Unibroue La Fin du Monde, Dragonmead Final Absolution, Allagash Tripel Reserve, Victory Golden Monkey

Although the Frair has SOME of the attributes of a Tripel, most are out of proportion or non-existent.

Considering the quality of Deschutes Dissident and other locally made Belgian beers including a little guy like Salmon Creek's, Larry's Dubbel; This beer seems trailing behind the local Belgian beer standards.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Victory - Nice Bottles!

While doing a little research on the local Beer Pub Tap lists, I came across some interesting Pub, Bottle lists.

While "Morrison Hotel" has some 100 bottles and is worth noting.... I came across this little nugget on nectar from the Victory Bar. They just had Allagash Curieux (barrel aged) on tap, but only carry about 6 Taps. They're International Bottle selection was what caught my eye!

Victory Bar 37th & SE Division Portland Oregon

LEV : Pilsner, Black Lion OR Blond Bock, Czech (These can be rather mediocre fillers, but are fairly tasty)

B.B. Burgerbrau Pilsner, Czech

O.K. Beer Okocium Pilsner, Poland

Radeberger Pilsner, Germany
Aktien "Helle" German Helles Lager
Pinkus Organic Heffeweizen, Germany
Weltenburger Asam Bock, Dunkle Dopplebock
Schwelmer Heffeweizen, Germany
Weihenstephaner Dunkleweizen (dark heffe) Germany
Kapaziener Schwarzweise (Black Wheat) Germany
EKU 28 Eisbock, Germany
Uerige Alt Doppelsticke (dubble alt) Germany
Klumbacher Pils, Germany

* That's a nice little German Lager Selection! No German standards! No Spaten, Paulaner or the like.... Nice....

Gosser Dark, Munich Dunkle, Austria

Coopers Sparkling Ale, Austraila (Meh! Sheaf Stout would be nicer!)

Eisenbahn Rauchbier "Smoked" bier, Brazil

Flag Porter 1825 Original, UK
(That's it! One UK Beer? Maybe the imports are getting boring?)

Old Engine Oil ( Old Ale - DARK!) Scotland

Sinebrychoff Porter, Finland

Christoffel Robertus (Vienna Lager) Netherlands

Binchoise (Amber OR Blonde)
Bavik Pilsner, Belgium
Witterkerke Witkier, Belgium
Grimbergen Blonde, Belgium
Augustihn Ale Tripel, Belgium
Bornem Tripel, Belgium
Piraat IPA, Belgium
Vichtenaar Flemish Ale, Belgium
Sterkens Dubbel Ale, Belgium
Sterkens White Ale, Belgium
Geants DuCassis Fruit Ale, Belgium
Echt Kreikenbier (dry cherry beer) Belgium
Cherish Kriek Lambic (Cherry Lambic) Belguim
Boon Kriek Lambic ( Cherry Lambic) Belguim
Deproef Reinaert Flemish Wild Ale
Struise Witte Witbier, Belgium
Petrus (Flanders cave aged pale)
St. Bernardus "Pater 6" Dubbel, Belgium
St. Bernardus "Abt 12" Quadrupel, Belgium
Regenboog "Guido" Strong Dark Ale, Belgium
Regenboog "Fiori" Strong Ale, Belgium
Balthazar (Spiced Dark Ale: ginger & Coriander) Belgium
Melchior (Spiced Dark Ale : mustard seed) Belgium
Orval Trappist Pale Ale
Westmalle Trappist Tripel
Trappistes Rochefort 10 Quadrupel, Belgium
Girardin Gueuze, Belgium
De La Senne Stouterik, Dry Stout, Brussels
(A rather bizarre, but interesting Belgian selection)

Gavroche French Red Ale, FR


Bam Bier Farmhouse Ale, Michigan
St. Bridget's Porter, Great Divide, Colorado
Stone Smoked Porter, sunny San Diego
Shipyard Brewing IPA, Maine
Pliny The Elder IPA, Russian River, CA


Old Speckled Hen, English Pale, UK (Nitro-Can)
Tetly's English Ale, UK (Nitro-Can)
Bellhaven Scottish Ale, Scotland (Nitro-Can)
Murphy's Irish Stout, Ireland
Old German Premium (the world knows no finer) Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Oranjeboom euro Lager, Holland

All in all, an interesting off-beat selection of beer! I just like the Against-the-Grain selection. Some of the Norwegian beers would be a nice addition, as well as, some more obscure American choices, but I could fins a nice variety of off-beat brews here!

Did I mention they're Tapa Menu is pretty tasty too???

“Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor” - William Cowper

Never so well said, especially when it comes to beer! From a nation who almost homogenized beer into a singular entity… Yellow, fizzy and flavorless. We have emerged into a Nation of Variety and diversity in regard to beer. Here is America we brew different beer styles from around the world and have access to other international varietals: Norwegian, Belgian, British, Italian, German, etc.

Within this “New World” of beer we should spend No time sitting back on our laurels and consuming “Singular Styles” of malt beverages, for that would be an injustice in our time.

Considering the variety of accessible beers in the world we should expect at least the minimum of: An Import from every brewing region, a Cask and an American equivalent of a variety of worldly styles.

Many of the local Tap Houses are now keeping updating info on their Tap selection. I give them a big BRAVO for that! Hopefully, others will follow suit, like Henry’s Tavern and Highland Still house, which hasn’t updated their web site wince like 2004! If you’re going t o be a serious Tap House, you need to cater to your wanting public… ;-}

This being said, lets’ take a look at the variety of beers at our local taverns. A Beer Variety - Pub Competition if you will… These are current TAP selections.

Bailey’s Tap House

Lompoc Munich 69 - Porter
Diamond Knot IPA
Roots Flanders Red
Seven Brides Oatmeal
Lucky Lab Crazy Ludwigs Alt
Walking Man Porter
Dick's Raspberry Belgian Triple
Victory Hop Wallop Imperial IPA
Hale's Ales Cerberus Tripel
Alameda Sisikyou Golden
Mendocino Eye of the Hawk
Russian River Salvation
Russian River Pliny the Younger
Bill's Tavern Foggy Notion
Rogue Sesquicentennial OR 150
Fort George Nut Red
Ninkasi Imperial Sasquatch
Calderda Smokers Stout
Off the Rail War Pigs Wheat
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Fish Porter - Cask

Cask 1 Porter
No Imports
No Lagers

2 Porters
3 Stouts
3 IPA’s
1 Wheat
1 Golden
2 Strong ale
1 Barelywine
I Red
1 Alt
4 Domestic Belgian Styles

*An Interesting variety West Coast beers and a cask. No imports & No Lagers. Kudos for having 4 Belgians!

Belmont Station

Cascade Pas D'Anglais IPA
Fish Tale Organic IPA
Cascade Midwinter Red
La Rulles Tripel
Ommegang Hennepin
Humboldt Hemp Ale
Mad River John Barleycorn
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Ayinger Celebrator
Sierra Nevada ESB
Alaskan Smoked Porter 2008
Russian River Salvation
Anchor Liberty
Cascade Gold Yeller
Deschutes Red Chair IPA
Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA

No Cask
5 IPA’s
3 Barleywines
1 Porter
2 Domestic Belgian
1 Imported Belgian
1 Bock
1 Hemp Ale

*Mostly West Coast Beers, but they do have an Imported Lager and an Imported Belgian. 5 IPA’s is a little to much. Pick a good one and move on to something interesting.

Concordia Ale House

There’s an IPA BRAWL Comp in progress…. I think Oregon's winning! What a surprise! ;-} Why they have Stouts, Pales and Scotch in competition, I have no idea!

1. Walkingman Pale Strider-WA
2. Full Sail Pale Ale-OR
3. Speakeasy Untouchable Pale Ale-CA
4. Bend Brewing's Hop-Head IIPA-OR
5. Anderson Valley 20th Anniv.IIPA-CA
6. Lazy Boy IPA-WA
7. Moylan's Dragoon Stout-CA
8. Flyer's Sick Duck Imperial Stout-WA
9. Pelican Brewing Tsunami Stout-OR
10. Beer Brawl II Silver City Scotch Ale-WA
11. Deschutes Armory XX Pale-OR
12. Bear Republic's APEX IPA-CA
Hale's Cream Ale
Moylan's Hefeweizen
Terminal Gravity Golden
Hopworks HUB IPA
Laurelwood Red
Hopworks ESB
Homo Erectus
Arrogant Bastard
Hales Dublin Irish Cream Stout
Coffee Girl Imperial Stout
Ninkasi Double Sasquatch

No Cask
No Lagers
No Belgians of any kind
NO Imports
4 Pale ales
3 IPA’s
5 Stouts (Might have been a good Stout battle!)
2 Strong ale
1 Scotch
1 Cream Ale
1 Weizen

* Hard to rate do to IPA Battle going on, but No cask – lagers – Imports – Belgians doesn’t fair well at this time.


Schwindel Alt - Vertigo Brewing
Hop Henge IPA - Deschutes Brewing
Dry Hopped Wassail - Full Sail Brewing
Red Rocket - Bear Republic, Healdsburg, CA
LSD (Nitro) - New Old Lompoc
Pas D'Anglais IPA - Cascade Brewing
Red Chair IPA - Deschutes Brewing
Red Rye -Captured By Porches
Dragoons Dry Irish - Moylan's Brewing
Butt Crack Brown - Klamath Brewing

No Belgians of any kind
No Cask
No Imports
No Lagers
1 Alt
4 IPA’s
1 Brown
1 Stout
2 Strong ales

* Uh….. why? I'm sure there's better selection at the Blue Monk or even the Goodfoot than here!

Green Dragon

Strongbow Cider - Bulmers Cider
Hairy Eyeball - Lagunitas Brewery Dark lager/bock
Lauren's Pale Ale - Seven Brides -
Hop Head Red - Green Flash Amber Ale
Leffe Brune - InBev Belgium
Indica Pale Ale - Lost Coast Brewery
Apex - Bear Republic Double India Pale Ale
Wassail - Full Sail Brewing English Strong Ale
Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier -Bayewische Staatsbrauerei
IPA - Terminal Gravity
Alpha Dog IPA - Laughing Dog Double India Pale Ale
Hogsback Stout - Mount Hood
Snow Capt 'n' Tennille - Pyramid Breweries English Strong Ale
Old Crustacean - Rogue Ales Barleywine
Cream Ale - Hales Ales
Salvation - Russian River Belgian Strong Ale
Collaborator Hallucinator - Widmer Bros. Old Ale
St. Bernardus Abt 12

NO Cask
1 Cider
1 Lager
3 Pale/Amber
2 Imported Belgian
2 Strong ale
1 Imported Hefe Weizen
1 Stout
1 Barleywine
1 Old Ale
1 Cream ale
1 Domestic Belgian

* With expection of No cask, Green Dragon seems to maintaining a decent variety of beers from around the world. Of course, their bottle selection is pitiful!

Horse Brass

Chapel XVI Strong Ale-Ft George, Astoria, OR
Drifter Pale Ale-Widmer, Portland, OR
IPA- Eel River Brewing, Fortuna, CA
Belgian Apple Ale-HUB, Portland, OR
Mojo Rising Double IPA-Boulder Brewing, Boulder, CO
Industrial IPA-Diamond Knot, Mukilteo, WA
Pat Leavy’s Organic All American Ale-Wolaver’s, Middlebury, VT
Munich 69 Baltic Porter-Lompoc, Portland, OR
Espresso Stout-Laurelwood, Portland, OR
Alpenbrew ESB-Double Mountain, Hood River
Pilot Rock Porter- Caldera Brewing, Ashland, OR
IPA- Lagunitas Brewing, Petaluma, CA
Copacetic IPA- Amnesia Brewing, Portland, OR
XP Pale Ale-Bear Republic, Healdsburg, CA
ESB- Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA
Consecration Dark Belgian-Russian River, Santa Rosa, CA
Pale Ale-Stone Brewing, San Diego, CA
Slipknot Imperial IPA-Full Sail, Hood River, OR
Wee Heavy-Belhaven Brewing, Scotland
St. Bernardus ABT 12-Brouwerij St. Bernard, Belgium
Lupulin Fresh Hop-Cask Conditioned-Full Sail, Hood River, OR
IPA-Cask Conditioned-HUB-Portland, OR
Hop Rod Rye-Cask Conditioned-Bear Republic, Healdsburg, CA

3 Cask Ales
No Lagers

2 strong ale
4 Pale ale
2 Domestic Belgian
2 Porter
1 Fresh Hop
1 Imported Belgian
1 Imported Scotch ale

*Very top heavy on the West Coast beers and Pale – IIPA styles. Imports and casks are nice touch. In contention for top beer tavern .... and smoke free now!

I’ll let YOU, the readers; make the decision on who wins best variety for this round. Maybe we’ll do this again next month!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Beer Wars - The Movie

Check out the Video Trailer below for this upcoming movie event. Looks like a fun jaunt around the countries breweries with a political/business angle. Sounds like fun!

It appears to be a one time shot broadcast on April 16th. Unfortunately, I work in the evenings and won't be able to attend.

Go to the Beer Wars website for times and local showings.