Friday, February 8, 2013

Corporate Bullshit? The stench is rising!

Can some one intelligently explain to me why we're supposed to buy this advertising bullshit...."Portland Brewing is Back."
I mean....WTF! It's brewed in the Pyramid Alehouse. We all know that breweries been on the skids for years! They change beer labels quicker than Jeff Alworth can change his opinion to suit his needs... (Thanks for letting me poke at ya Jeff!) How brain-dead zombie moron stupid does "North American Breweries Inc." think we really are? At the bottom of the NEW Portland Brewing website it even says, "Visit our friends at Pyramid." That would be a incestual friendly relationship!
Beyond the obvious stupidity of misguided branding.... Portland Brewing's beers appear to have changed from McTarnahan's original Scottish Style ale and Wookstock Oaked IPA to just plain boring Amber and IPA ales. Where's the Zig ZAg Pils, Oregon Honey Beer, BlackWatch Cream Porter and other from the original catalog?

This shit just irks the hell out of me! Big corporate Brewing conglomerate trying to dupe society for profit! I say Fuck YOU North American Breweries! Go pedal your shitty beer and false advertising somewhere else... Maybe InBev needs another Bedfellow!

BTW..... North American Breweries Inc also own and produce: Dundee, Genesee, Genny Light, Honey Brown, Imperial, Labatt 52, Labatt, Blue Labatt , Blue Light Labatt, Blue Light Lime, Magic Hat, Portland Brewing, Pyramid, Seagram's, Escapes Seagram's Smooth. It's funny that they have Pyramid and Portland Brewing separate....The STENCH of BIG corporate bullshit couldn't get any riper than with these shifty bastards.


Anonymous said...

As much as a douche bag I always thought you were/are/will be, I agree with you on this...

dr wort said...

Gee... Thanks Anon! The Doc would rather be a Douche Bag than a stupid f*ckwit who can't think for himself.

If being a douche bag means being more insightful than the average local mindless sheep mentality... Then I'd rather be a Douche bag of a 10 dollar whore.

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